Traevalyns Heros

Session -1 -Gettin the hang of things


^ 100% true, as I’ve experienced this somewhat with muh Fiance. Hi there guys, my name is Cody. I’ll be your GM through this (hopefully not) rocky and jarring adventure. A little bit about me and the RP world. I’ve played RPGs for about 9 years now, but most of them were sci-fi (specifically 40K) related. I have made alot of characters that I genuinely care about and to this day still have some great memories with them. In terms of DnD, I’ve gone through about 5 groups and the best group was the first group I ever played with. They had it all; comedy, drama, action, suspense, intrigue, and the biggest hook….a fucking reason to care about your character. That. That right there. Thats what I want to bring to this, a fun, positive, and overall kick ass experience for you guys. I hope that you all enjoy this campaign.

I’ve been working on this idea for a campaign for a while now. To be honest this will be my first time GM-ing a DnD game. So were all flying into this pretty blind haha. The shoe certainly feels different on the other foot. The world would be classified as dark fantasy, I just cant stand rainbows and gumdrops and sickening shit like that, I have to have my creepy and gritty fantasy world. Without giving too much away, you all will save the land from a foe(s), you know the standard adventure cliche.

So then guys, we will get to crackin on this in a bit. I just wanted a quick little update and we can rock and roll here very soon…..though I dont know yet who all is exactly playing shrugs what ’evs, lets just roll dice and have fun.


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