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The story begins 5,000 years ago in the land called Traevalyn. Treaevalyn was once a very verdant and heavily forested region that flowed with heavy natural magical currents. Because of this, some creatures that should have existed (as they do/did on other Planes) may have gone extinct or even thrive to become their own creature. One such race that thrived on the natural magical currents were the Viis. The Viis were a race of dragon-folk who dwelled in the south-western pocket of the land. Bigger and stronger than any race they encountered there, they did what any civilization would do; they expanded their empire.

Their neighbors near the northern rivers were the Elves and other Fey-folk were the first to fall, tricked by the Viis into a peace talk with their military and diplomatic leaders, where the Viis slaughtered them. Village after village fell to the brutal Viis as all the Fey-folks leaders were butchered in that tragic meeting. The next to fall were the Dwarves, though they lived to the far north in the Frozen Wastes. Having heard about the treachery the Viis used to kill the Fey leaders, the Dwarves refused a “diplomatic meeting”. They instead dug into their mountain holds and girded themselves for siege warfare. For decades the Dwarves held out in their northern strongholds awaiting the full might of the Viis to fall upon them. Little did they know, the Viis were busy learning how to use the Ley-Lines so they could create small one way portals that they could simply jump into the Dwarves strong holds. Then it came, the day the Dwarves had prepared for….the Viis sent their slaves of Fey-folk as the first and largest wave to charge each of the Dwarven holds. In their fervor to see this enemy driven back the Dwarves threw everything they had at them….and that was the moment the Viis were waiting for. Legions of their best teleported in deep in Dwarven hold first to secure a beach head. The slaughter that followed was one of horrifying proportions. After seeing their non-warrior folk butchered the Dwarves soon surrendered in a plea to stop killing their innocents. The Viis ignored their pleas and continued their way to the Jarls chambers where he an all his clan were slaughtered. With the head of each Dwarven Jarl, the Viis finally accepted the Dwarves terms of surrender.

The last race to be enslaved did not go quietly….. The Humans saw what had happened to the Fey-folk, the heard about the fall of the Dwarves and so they decided that they would attack rather than defend or parlay. The Human offensive was largely successful due to their unique form of magic; they could bend the elements directly to their will. The lightning strike of the Humans caught the Viis offguard and the Humans were infact able to kill their way to the Viis capital….. It was here that the human offensive ground to a tragic fault. The Viis had never used their Royalty against any foe, and so the sheer size of them proved too great for the humans to stop. Their armies were decimated to a man. To make matters worse, when the Humans were marching on the Viis they left their homes virtually empty of warriors. The Viis repaid the Humans their blood debt. Virtually all the humans were killed in each settlement, and those that weren’t suffered greatly at the iron fisted grip of the Viis. And with this, the Viis had now controlled all of Traevalyn.

This Viis Dominion lasted for nearly another four thousand years. In this time, all were subjected to horrendous conditions. Man, Dwarves and Fey all suffered at the unrelenting brutality that the Viis Dominion subjected them too. Over time a few minor rebellions would pop up, however the Viis were such a vindictive and hate filled race that any sign of rebellion was dealt with by a culling of all the person(s) being executed as well as their entire family/clan. Very quickly those under the Viis oppression learned it was simply best to accept their fate. As unfortunate as it was, that was the fate of everyone under Viis rule, to toil and live in fear that at any given moment their life may be stolen from them.

One day a simple blacksmith was pushed too far. His wife stolen from his owners, and she was beaten to death for a minor fault. Her body was then strung up in plain sight for all to see. The simple blacksmiths name was Barrett. Driven by rage and heartache that his beloved was taken from him, he created a small band of slaves that initially just mapped their city to see if they could escape. Over a few months Barrett and his brother Elabrin finally had their escape plan ready with their fellow conspirators and they took their chance. In the middle of it though, the Viis Noble who killed Barretts wife stumbled across the group and in his rage filled sorrow, Barrett killed the Viis with his bare hands. Beating the Viis to death caused something to snap in the group and their original goal of escape was all but forgotten. Like a pack of ravenous wolves they ran from house to house killing each Viis they could find, and with each Viis dead—more slaves were freed and more Viis were killed in the night. It wasnt long before the town was a swirling melee of former-slaves fighting their former-owners. Blood ran thick in the town that night. Almost as though some fate controlled them all, the—now freed—slaves looked to the group who freed them all for leadership. Barrett was chosen as the leader, and from that moment onwards the escape group became an open sign of rebellion. Barrett quickly created an ad-hoc army from the now Free-Folk who volunteered. As he claimed, “I did not release you from one chain to simply re-shackle you with another”, and so the now Free-Folk marched from town to town waging skirmish battles and never meeting the Viis on their terms of battle.

Barrett was no fool, he knew that one of the biggest problems with the other rebellions was that they stayed in one spot, and they were kept in only one race. So to solve that, he knew that at some point he would need to grant the Dwarves and Fey-Folk their freedom as well. So slowly his ad-hoc army became more and more experienced in the art of war, and he gained more and more Free-Folk to his banner as soon all of eastern Traevalyn was engulfed in a war against the Viis. His army marched for the North, to gather the Dwarven Throngs. His brother Elabrin cautioned him that the Fey-Folk may look down at Barretts decision to free the Dwarves first, though it was only logical as the proximity of the once Fey-lands to the Viis’ capital.

The initial meetings with the Dwarven rebellion leaders were held in secret on the peaks of the Northern Wastes many mountains. At first the Free-Folk simply tried to appeal to the Dwarves desire for freedom, and this approach did not work out. Next Barrett pleaded for them to join in the war for the sake of all creatures in the world, and still this approach did not work. It was actually Barretts brother Elabrin who finally realized what it was exactly that the Dwarves craved, his offer was simple; in exchange for their help in diving off the Viis , the Humans would leave the Dwarves to their holds and never return to bother them unless it was about trade of valuables. To this the Dwarves agreed, and once the behemoth that was the Dwarves hidden military might was revealed the Viis were promptly routed from the Dwarven holds in the north, and when they exited the Dwarven halls…..there was the Free-Folk army ready to butcher any Viis fleeing. The might of the Dwarves was unleashed on the Viis Dominion now in full, and the Humans had a new and powerful alliance.

It wasnt long before the Dwarves re-established their old Clans and even found the descendents of the previous Jarls. The High Jarl was elected from the Jarls, and his name was High Jarl Therengyr of Clan Styborn. Therengyr, Barrett and Elabrin all soon became a very tightly knit group who fought at the thickest points in every battle. As the Dwarves grew fond of their predominately Human allies, they began to slowly care less about staying hidden away in their holds, they wished to genuinely help the Humans in their quest to end the Viis Dominion. Which led them into a moral dilemma with the Fey-Folk. The Dwarves had never really seen eye to eye with the Fey-Folk, but once they had appeared to throw their lot in with the Viis and help conquer the Dwarves a millenia ago, a very deep racial hatred erupted from the Dwarves. Their hatred of the Feys threatened to tear apart the alliance that Barrett and High Jarl Therengyr had created and even bleed for. At some points the Dwarves even threatened to withdraw back to their holds and let the Humans and their “Free-Folk” fight some of the toughest battles alone, infact were it not for Elabrins tact and innate understanding of non-Human cultures the Dwarves would have done such. Virtually the only reason that the Dwarves did in fact stay and did help free the Fey-Folk was because Elabrin convinced High Jarl Therengyr that he would have a personal duel of the Fey-Folks chosen leader once the war was over so they could settle their dispute.

And so the armies of the Free-Folk all marched south and into the deep, magic filled forests of the Fey-wilds. Once Barrett arrived at the first town he was shocked to see that the Fey-Folk had already freed it on their own, in fact every town they came across in the Fey-wilds was devoid of Viis. Fearing a trap, Barrett demanded to be told what sort of tom-foolery this was and the answer had shocked him. Apparently the Fey-Folk had carved a separate realm out of pure magic and the realm they were in was completely free of Viis intruders, though the moment they stepped out of the realm they would be in Viis held territory. The Fey had found a way to avoid the Viis entirely and the Free-Folk had simply stumbled upon the Fey-wilds by chance. Barrett had requested to meet the Fey-Folks leader Ara White-Mane. Barrett told her the quest that he was on to free all folk from the Viis Dominion. With a vigor that he had never seen she immediately agreed to help them on this quest. The only term was that the Fey-Folk lead the vanguard of the entire assault on the material plane of Traevalyn. The Fey wished to take their land back and visit retribution back upon the Viis for their ancient treachery. So it was that the magical realm was dissolved in a matter of moments after the Free-Folk all set up for the war to take back the Fey-Folks lands. Legions of Elven Rangers set up to ambush the Viis, phalanxes of Gnomes and Halflings marched in perfect unison to do melee, the noble Centaurs acted as their own form of cavalry, and even the mighty Minotaurs formed their own companies of heavy shock troopers. The Fey would take back their land, no matter the odds.

The die was cast and the Free-Folk made their assault back onto the material realm. With the Viis Dominion caught off their guard it was a rout. Every town was destroyed down to the brick as the Fey visited their retribution on the Viis for their kins internment. Any and all Fey slaves were freed, although most were used in the hasty defense of their overlords settlement. Ara White-Mane felt the bitter-sweet tang of taking back her ancestral homelands. Though in the Free-Folks haste they had divided their forces too greatly and a relatively large garrison of Viis from a near by fortress made their move to destroy each segment of the Free Army. For a time they were quite successful, though once they encountered the bulk of Ara White-Manes army, the table soon turned. The battle was fought near a great lake that served as the border of the Fey and Viis lands. This was the first time that the Viis were actually defending their homeland for the first time in four millennia. Ara intended to show the Viis what she and her army could accomplish. While Therengyr moved around the flank to catch the Viis offguard and Barrett and his army made straight for the Viis capital.

The ensuing battle begain once the Viis realized what Aras’ overall plan was, and they broke rank and simply ran full tilt in an effort to butcher Ara and her Fey-kin before the Dwarves could reach the Viis lines. The sheer force of the heavily armored Viis managed to cut deeply into the Fey lines, Ara was forced to meet the Viis Commander in single combat. Her skill was with that of magic, and quickly it became apparent that she would be slain. Were it not for High Jarl Therengyrs intervention into the melee. With a speed hardly ever seen from the Dwarves they charged the Viis lines to assist their Fey allies. With the Dwarves meeting their lines, the Viis will for battle intensified as they realized that if nothing else they could force the Humans to fight their Royalty alone, and that alone could turn the tide in their favor.

With the sudden appearance of a vast army and their horrific defeat near the border of their lands, the Viis realized that their rule was truly threatened….and so they awoke their royalty from their decades long slumber….You see a Viis does not die of old age, as they get older their scales become harder, their powers grow, their size becomes that of enormous proportions and once they reach a certain size they are then considered Viis Royalty.

The Human Army had made it, they finally had seen the gates of Mazark, the Viis Dominions capital. With haste they assembled in their ranks and prepared to make their siege just as their ancestors once did. Only this time the Humans would succeed. With a sudden gust of wind the humans were knocked to their feet. They heard a loud cry and then a belch of fire. and they now saw why it was that their ancestors had failed. For the first time since their initial army creation, the humans will wavered.

Dozens of the Viis Royalty had been awoken, screaming for the sky they would dive and grab whole ranks of men only to drop them from astounding heights. Some were burned alive as draconic fire was spat upon them, whole regiments were lost due to these attacks. When the Humans did make their retaliations, it was too little. Their arrows would not find their mark, or they simply ricocheted off the scales. The Human blades that did manage to hit the Royalty simply became stuck in their scales. The Human army was being decimated, Barrett was using all his will power simply to stand and fight this terror, when in the distance he heard the horns of Fey, and the drums of Dwarves. His allies had finally caught up to him. At their head was Ara White-mane and High Jarl Therengyr. Shoulder to shoulder the Fey-Dwarven host fired at the Viis Royalty with their magic infused bows or their superior crafted crossbows. They managed to bring down a Viis in a matter of moments, where they were beset upon by a horde of Dwarves with their hammers to crush that which they could not pierce. The Humans ran into the capital to begin their justified slaughter of the race who committed horrendous atrocities against so many. Only those who laid down their arms were spared. With the Viis Royalty slain, their armies destroyed and their capital in ruins. The Free-folk had finally completed their goal of freeing all of Traevalyn. By this time 43 years had passed, and the once young Barrett was now old and frail. Yet tempered by his wisdom and his courage to even begin this quest, he was chosen as the first King of Traevalyn.


History of the land of Traevalyn

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