The Hokuten is more of a mentality than an organization. Once King Barrett passed and Lord Kommander Garick made his play to wrest power to put himself and his elitist Human nobles in power Prince Elabrin made his move to save the people whom he bled to save. As Lord Kommander Garick spread his hate filled rhetoric across the land and started to enslave or massacre those of non-Human and non-Dwarven blood, Prince Elabrin had those he could save disappear into the forests the Fey-Folk had once carved out. Hundreds of thousands fled to the new safe haven, instinctively all Fey-Folk knew where they were headed, even if they did not know its name or its location. They all fled to the Sacred Grove, the heart of the Fey and the link to their ancestors. There were Humans who left with them and did not believe Lord Kommander Garick had the right to commit his treason.

In recent years the Hokuten has had their diplomatic leader be none other than Lady Delitia, a direct descendant of King Barretts brother Prince Elabrin. Her wit is sharp enough to play any mind game with the best of them, and she is wise enough to know what she can and cannot achieve. She has the unyielding support of the masses and she would do anything for them in return. She shares a joint-ruling class with that of the Hokuten Watchers. The Watchers are the closest thing to a military and police force for the Hokuten, though they are more often hunting dangerous beasts that exist deep in the Fey-Wild, leaving many towns to have their own customs with laws and their enforcement as well as the way they defend themselves. The current leader is Stybjern Grimclaw. Stybjërns pedigree is that of good stalk as well, his family heritage comes from some of the very few Humans who remained in the Fey-Wild during the Viis Dominion. It has even been whispered that he shares the blood of the Lycan Clans.


The Hokuten do not wish to wage senseless war, they simply wish to live in peace and remain undisturbed. This is reflected in their everyday life, as many would much rather remain at home not making any waves and simply drinking in the peace of the land. Even their magic represents this way of life, it takes a Hokuten mage little effort to create a healing spell or similar benevolent spells.

Rural and idyllic lands are to be left unspoiled. Only truly interested in lasting peace. Committed to protecting themselves no matter the cost. This is the Hokuten commonwealth.


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