The Nanten are an ancient order of knights that stretches back to Barrett and his wars with the Viis. Their original founder was that of Lord Kommander Garick. One of the original humans who planned his escape with Barrett and his brother Elabrin. As Barretts army grew, Garick counciled that only the humans should be included in the war plans as they were the ones who started the rebellion and that the non-humans intent was too unclear. During the extent of the rebellion Garick would intentionally sabotage negotiations with Ara White-mane as he never trusted how and why they carved their own realm between the Fey-Wild and their plane. Yet he did agree with High Jarl Therengyr on many matters, particularly on matters of warfare and magik. Once the rebellion was over and the Viis were all killed off. Garick was appointed to be King Barretts chief adviser and for years he did his job loyally. Once day he even became King Barretts brother-in-law as Garicks sister was wedded to the King.

Once King Barrett died however Garick claimed that the throne now passed to his sister, the Queen of Traevalyn. When the Hokuten disputed this claim, and stated that Prince Elabrin was the rightful line of succession by blood. This is what caused the Lions War. Declaring themselves a new and independent country Lord Kommander Garick set about his xenophobic campaign of enslavement or mass murder of all Fey-folk in his new territory. Promoting Human superiority and stating that the Fey-folk must have been in league with the Viis due to their natural affinity with magik. He even convinced High Jarl Therengyr that the Fey were guilty of this by telling him how the Viis were taught how to use the one way portals that destroyed the Dwarven race.


With their common Fey hatred the Dwarves taught the Nanten mages the secret of transmutation. How to turn one substance into another. Lord Kommander Garick militarized it immediately and had vast swathes of forest transmuted to stone or iron. Turning the once lush forests of their homeland into a vast and unforgiving desert and clearing all forest from the surrounding lands the Nanten built their large stone fortress cities.

In recent years the Nanten have been led by a Noble and current Lord Kommander named Lord Kommander Gargafrion. He is a traditionalist in terms of Human rights, Nanten military, and Dwarven second classicism though he is a revolutionary in the fact that he did agree to peace talks with Hokuten leaders and he even gave the Hokuten back some of their ancestral land in the peace talks (an area all refer to as “the Colonies”). His Mage Korp has now discovered how to blend their ancestral magik with new technology. They have created vast flying ships that allow them to traverse their dangerous lands. These sky ships have been proving themselves invaluable for rapid transportation and transporting vast amounts of goods, though due to their size and the amount of mages required they currently only have three….though if they found a way to mass produce them, then surely they would use them for military means.

Rich through advanced technology. Made strong through war. Utterly dedicated to their domination of all Fey. This is the Nanten nation.



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